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"Be thou diligent to know
the state of thy flock,
and look well to thy herds."

Proverbs 27:23

FAVORITE 'Goat' sites to visit :-))
A variety of dairy goat sites & then following,
a page about Boer goats as well as
several other breeds, including smaller breeds,
such as Pygmys, etc...

Below are a number of links
with an abundance of resources to help
with your goats... whether a novice or
seasoned goat herder...

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+ 911 for goats

ASPCA® Animal Poison Control Center
for 24-hour emergency information.
Call 888-426-4435

Goat Breeds Dairy Goat Information Kinne's Resources
Basic Goat Primer WWW
BASIC Meds for goats
Onion Creek Guide to Poisonous Plants Goat Kingdom
Selenium Map SOON SOON
Common Diseases GREAT Resources 4-H Dairy Project
SOON *Poisenous* Plants!! Health & Mgmt
ceous Earth (DE)
Goatmarket SOON

Fias Co Farm Goat Husbandry

Fias Co Farm
Goat Husbandry


Caprine Magazines (Plus More)

The Goat Magazine Caprine News Dairy Goat Journal
The Goat Rancher Mini Milker Magazine OPEN
Small Ruminant Magazine's Purple Circle OPEN

    Sources of Goat Supplies...

    (EST. 1935)
    1-800-221-GOAT - (1-800-221-4628)

    Custom Milling

    U.S. State and County Fairs

Fashions for the well-dressed goat lady

Starting at the bottom and working up.
Absolutely a must, a pair
of heavy duty muck boots,
two sizes too large to accommodate
three pair of thermal socks.
Stunning rubber soles will
take you through the deepest

The all-weather, dual purpose,
hooded two-piece chore outfit
with large, large, large, pockets
that can hold easily an entire six-pack
of kid bottles and nipples
with room left over for
a roll of paper towels,
vaccine bottles, syringes, flashlight,
thermos of coffee, camera and extra film,
epinephrine, and a sandwich.
Astound your friends
by appearing ten times larger
than you really are!

Pants are roomy enough to
accommodate one to three pair
of long johns and jeans.
Your top easily fits over
as many, as up to three sweaters
as you need on those
sub-zero nights, make any blizzard
a mere breeze.

Insulated work gloves so thick you
can't bend your fingers,
but they will be warm and toasty,
really gives you that "bundled-up" look.
Special magnetic straps hold tools in place
(not recommended for milk-outs).

And what goat lady wouldn't
be proud to have these accessories:
Matching stainless steel milk buckets,
100 pound vat size, that hold milk
from an entire dairy at one time.
These will save many trips to the barn.
Perfect for those special occasions
when you are up
to your eyeballs in milk.

And ladies, with this outfit you don't
have to worry about make-up and hairdos.
Just a little bag-balm on the lips
and you are ready to go!:))

by Bonita Smith

Holstein Cattle
Picture above Mama with Newborn!

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