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I hope you will enjoy your visit at Stone Acres Ranch. ... I want to share some about my life in the country... and that thru my faith in Christ Jesus, He sustains me!!

I have a small Farm (called a ranch in N. Calif.:-). I settled here from the S.F Bay Area, 19 yrs ago. ... Such a culture shock(!), but in time, I found it to be, the very best I could have done for my family!

I was born in Wisc. ... My father was a dairy farmer (third gen.), so farmin' has come somewhat natural to me ... I have some what retired here and have my homestead to keep me busy.

The lord has blessed me with ten grandchildren, & most of them live 'close' by ... I am so grateful at this point in my life, to be in the country, so that they may have the many experiences, that go along with having animals and to enjoy the simpler life.... Each one knows and loves Jesus, which is the ultimate blessing.
The Lord has been truly Faithful! :-)

Typical Barnyard

Critter Photos header

Visit My Sires HERE

This picture taken, Jan 28, 2002... the snow was on the ground only a few hours...
in '88-'89... seen in the background, (it was on the ground almost a week)...

There is a large barn (built prior to 1916) on the place, so there surely needed to be some critters to go in it! ... With the help of many great people I have met since coming up here, I began to recieve the knowledge of what there is involved, with raising livestock (no easy/simple task, but love it) ... I started by raising goats (nubian, colorful with the long ears) to have the milk, to raise day-old calves. ... I had no idea, just how much I would enjoy the goats:) They each have their own distinct personalities, that win you over. ...

There is a brood cow named Katherine . ... She was able to raise, several calves, thru out the year. ... Until she decided she had had enough & refused to come in the barn after calving, knowing I would be trying to graft a new calf or two on her! ... So the last few years she just raises her own:-) She too, has quite a personality! ... Pretty much getting her way, most times.

A few years past I tried raising some 'bummer' lambs (St.Croix).

Breeds of Sheep

Bummers are lambs that mama (ewe) can not raise, for various reasons. ... I also have several 'wild' chickens (adopted us) about the place. ... Then of course it is not a farm, without the many CATS and DOGS.

Raising Baby Chicks - Click Here

(one of my roosters & a hen)

Poultry Breeds...Here

"Haley" & "Heather"
(our turkeys)

You can imagine there is plenty for the 'little ones' to do!...They especially like when the baby goats (kids) arrive (usually from Dec-April), to help bottle feed them....

Feeding Time

(Click on image Above)
That's when the household is turned upside down, for while. :-) I remove the baby does, for a variety of reasons, to bottle feed.

They are quite tame this way.
I become Mama! ...

Above I am feeding
one of our bucks... 'Sasquatch'
(about 2 weeks old)

Photos of Sas HERE:)

As of the last couple seasons, with so many more does kidding (about 30-40) I am unable to keep up with all the 'hands on effort' to bottle feed as I did so many years before. With rare exception all 'kids' have been left on the does... I really miss the bonding that goes along with bottle feeding, but then when it comes time to sell them, it is less difficult, to let go...

My most recent additions... Potbelly Pigs:-)
This is Colby...
Come visit him and his buddies :-)

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and perhaps come back with a friend. You are always 'Welcome'....

I have collected several of my favorite web pages (re: goat fanciers & country livin'), some to entertain & some to inform. ...

Before you leave, you are invited to "CONTINUE" (designated below) & visit these links, on the next page. Also Fun links for the kids & current events, linked ... If you'd like to chat (e-mail), or sign the guest book there, I'd enjoy hearing from you!

~ God Bless You and Yours ~
The Stone Family :-)

P.S. The background for this page was the first winter I lived here... It actually snowed enough to have quite abit on the ground 4-5 days...

Blessed be the name of God
forever and ever....
He changes the times and the seasons.
Daniel 2:20-21

Family Photos header


Speckles & doeling *Belle 2000
Speckles lived to be 17 years old and recently passed


You really Know You're a
Goat Person When...
by Leslie Averill

Company is coming and the first thing you do is clean out the barn. <

People who don't know you keep looking in the back of the truck to see what's making that funny rolling noise.

You automatically double tie your shoes

The IRS audits you because they think goatkeeping is a hobby, not work.

You go to the doctor for a checkup and he wants to know what those hoof-shaped bruises are on your thighs.

Someone says something about their kids and the first the first thing that pops into your mind are the four-legged kind.

You do all your gift shopping from the Jeffers Catalog.

People's eyes glaze over while speaking with you at a party when you start going into detail about reaching in to correct a mal-presented kid.

You try to fill out a form an "Goatkeeper" is not listed under "occupations."

Published Third Quarter, 1996
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