Feb 1, 2001 (update)
Hobo has discovered the exciting world outside:)
In the beginning I was reluctant to let him out on his own (being a protective 'mama':) We have a 'Tom' in the area, that may not appreciate Hobo's existence!

From almost the beginning, though, I knew this kitten was going to grow into an excellent 'mouser' :))

Comments have been made of his pictures, that "Hobo looks full of it" :) Actually, this is quite an understatement:))) From day one he has been "full of it":)
Quite a challenge to channel his energy!
Much like raising a child going thru the 'terrible twos':)) He goes from bouncing off the walls (which is the cue, now, to go outside:) to wanting to SNUGGLE.
When Hobo decides it is time to cuddle he is sooo loving! Thinking I am actually 'mama' he gets as close as he can, wrapping around my neck & even tries to clean my face, in such a sweet way.
Of course I have to discourage this, because of the sand paper effect:)

Normally I am unable to get on line until later in the evening, which can be very difficult, having Hobo's insistence to SNUGGLE, because HE is ready to wind down for the day:))
And what a motor he has!!!!
It goes without saying that he usually prevails:)))

... My friend's in a tux too! ...

Happy Valentine's Day

... One of my favorite places ...

... Basketball, one of my favorites ...

...Let's see who won...

"Privacy? ... What Privacy?
...Mom always has a camera...

.... Is this BRAVE or what?? ....

(this looks so much like 'Hobo' ...
so we just had to include this picture,
because there is no doubt that 'Hobo'
would do just the same:-))

...Here I am with my family & Peanut...

...Check out my new ride...

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