Make a U-turn on the Road of Repentance,
then make a right onto Believe Boulevard.

Keep straight and go through the green light, which is Jesus Christ.
From there, you must turn onto the Bridge of Faith which often goes over troubled waters.
When you get across the bridge, make a right turn and you will be on the King's Highway - heaven bound.

Keep going for three miles; one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost.
Then exit off onto Grace Boulevard.
From there, make a right turn on Good News Lane.
Keep straight and then make another right on Prayer Boulevard.

As you go on your way, yield not to the traffic on Temptation Avenue.
Also, avoid Sin Street because it is a Dead End;
it will take you nowhere.

Be sure to take a stop at the rest area on Easy Avenue and leave all your excess weights there.

From there, make another right onto Peace Street.
When you get to Joy Boulevard (this is the scenic route), keep straight and you will come to the parking lot of Immortality.
It's alright to park there. Go into the building not made by hands, sit down and talk to King Jesus,
tell Him how happy you are to be with Him and dwell in His House FOREVER!!!


God never promised in whatever we do
That we'd always be happy and healthy too.
He never said life would be free of pain

But He said He'd be there time and again
to bolster our spirits,
to lighten our way.

To give strength and courage day after day.
To make us feel worthy, to give inner peace,
And from life's tensions a loving release.

(author unknown)