In Loving Memory of the


Doing what he enjoys most!!

"Buster" has passed on after almost 20 years of "fun"



Just hanging out...
(Hobo was the most spoiled of all and "full of it"! :)

Such a stressful life:))))...

"Hobo" has passed on after almost 15 years of a great life.


"BUSTER" & "SKY" having a stare down:)

"Buster" (above) & "Hobo" (below)
NO respect for the 'No Fishing' sign:)


(Tigger & Zoe were orphan siblings)


"ZOE" and "BOOTS"
(black w/white paws)

Barn Mouser
(Ivy lived to an amazing old age of 18 years and recently passed away)

Barn Mouser
(Weber lived to a nice old age of 17 years and recently passed away)


"SPUNKY" (orphan kitty)
First meal in his new home.

Feral Barn Mouser

Pumpkin was so sweet, but trusted very few humans! It was a challenge to even get these 2 rare pictures of her... She came to the farm as a feral... In 13 years she never left the area of the back porch & back yard... never even ventured as far as the barn... Even when she died (of old age) she chose to be near...
I found her on the porch... (most times cats go off to die) ... I will miss her very much...

PUMPKIN with her "outside" buddy, BUSTER

made their home in the barn...

"Sam" (A mouser:)

"Barnie" (Head mouser:)
He was always with the goat herd!