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Love All Animals *Ohio The Holloway Herd *S. Calif pending
Little Angels *Florida pending Pigs of Great Fortune
Dragonwood Farm *Tennessee Pigs Home N Rome *Wisconsin Critters From Heaven Rescue, Inc.
Shepherds Green *Tennessee Hugs For Homeless Animals Home at Last Sanctuary *Kentucky
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Rhonda Heaver - SunnyMeadow Farms
Pig Rescue and Sanctuary
1710 Millerpoint Rd. S.
Quitman, AR. 72131
(501) 589-2383

Janice Gillett - Hearts On Noses
A Mini Sanctuary in Maple Ridge
British Columbia, Canada

God Bless The Animals
Prayer Ministry For Animals

A Rescuer

A Rescuer is one who cares
What happens to the abandoned & scared
They are in their own right
A breed that is rare
They have mixed emotions
Of joy & despair

For those who rescue
There is no other way
They ask themselves many times What would
happen if I stopped today?
How many more lives could I have saved?
Hours on computers, phone calls & e-mails
Pleading for compassion
Crying when we fail

Wondering if
We've exhausted all contacts
Emotionally straining
And that one awful fact.
"We can't save them all"
We wish that we could

The problem could be solved
If only people would:
Spay & neuter the pets in their homes
Then rescue one more
And make him your own

But most important
I have to say
Is love them forever
Don't throw them away.

Melinda Judd 01/02/01

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Created on August 29, 2001
Last updated on April 23, 2003