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Hi, my name is Pesty... My mom gave me that name, because I go anywhere & do as I please.

Spoiled?? Not me!!

I just have not made up my mind if I am human or one of my canine buddies... Mom drew the line at coming in the house;( but I do sleep on the porch, most of the time...

Mom said she has never had a goat quite like me, over the years... that I have sooo much personality & attitude!!

My 'mom' & sister died ... (delivery complications) ... I was bottle fed & soon learned I could get out of any pen, to be with my new mom... Mom tries to encourage me, that I would have so much more in common with the other goats, but I am not convinced, yet...

Wondering about my ears?:) Mom says, my 'dad' is a Boer... his name is Thunder, and 'mom' was a Saanan... Her name was Missy... My new mom says she misses her... that she was a special doe:)
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As you can see this is feeding time and how I can just help myself...

Spoiled?? ... I guess I am:))